January 09, 2014

modern baby LOVE

I haven't posted anything in a while!
 It's not for the lack of content or projects but because of being waayyyy too busy. 

 Miss me?
I've missed you!! 

 I have about eight furniture projects to share with you guys and I have something else to share that I am very excited about. 

Glad you asked!
Since having my second baby in July I have become a much different parent compared to having my first baby. 

This time around I
cloth dipaer
baby wear (mainly so I can get everything done)
waited longer to introduce solids
don't stress the little things
was introduced to amber teething necklaces
seldom take any baby pictures (shameful, I know)

Okay, so some things I should do more of...like the picture thing.

 I was also introduced to this great thing called a nursing necklace. It's a fabric necklace with untreated wooden balls inside that you wear while you nurse so the baby will have something else to grab instead of your hair or pinch your skin. 
They are also super fashionable and can be for an modern lady (not just nursing moms).

While making a few necklaces they somehow turned into teething rings.
They are the perfect size for those little hands! 
My baby loved them. 
My nephew loved them. 
So my sister-n-law and I decided to make them for other babies and mommies!

We would love if you checked out our facebook page (click link).

Once we get a few more followers we will have a giveaway....so go ahead and like us! 

If you aren't a nursing mom - or you don't have a teething baby - no worries, we're sure you know someone who would love one of these! 

Here is just a little of our inventory!

Please keep in mind your baby should be supervised while using the teething ring and should not be left alone with the necklace. It could be a choking hazard. 
 After all, it is a little baby and we all know how they must be watched at all times!!

We also hope to add a few plush softies to our shop. 

Thanks again for all of the support you guys give me with Picked & Painted and now with 

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