October 27, 2014

Salem Red Empire

I want to keep this short and sweet. 
I have a great before and after of an empire to share with y'all. 



I used salem red old fashioned milk paint. It's a great shade of red with orange undertones. 
I'm not always a fan of gold but I was inspired by the gold keyholes. 
I found the all of the pulls from Hobby Lobby. I sprayed the tear drop pulls with a metallic gold paint to match the arrows. 

This piece weathered a lot but I like it. I don't always like super distressed pieces but it works with this one. 
I used a champagne colored fabric to line the drawers and I re-stained the top. 

I love this piece!

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September 08, 2014

The Incredible Hulk Lives in My Basement

Hey friends!

Our basement is a work in progress. I grew up in Texas and I didn't lay eyes on a basement until I moved to Missouri five years ago. 
Our basement is partially finished and the finished part serves as a family room, playroom and office. 
There is a lot going on and it's usually cluttered with papers and toys. 
Lots of toys!

Our old, ancient TV sat on top of a massive coffee table and the electronics and cords were out in the open. I was not a fan of the mess. 

I found a beat-up dresser on Craigslist and the hubby and I used it to transform the TV area into a nicer family room. These pictures are not the best but I just had to share this dresser and how we hide our electronics.

Please ignore all the toys in the reflection of the TV. 

 This is the best part!!
My husband built a shelf, removed the face of the drawer, and added a piano hinge so we can hide all the electronics when we aren't using them. 
I didn't fix the cords before I took this picture (kinda wish I did now). 

I call this piece The Incredible Hulk. In person, the green looks like The Hulk....but in a good way. 
I mixed emerald and lamp black by General Finished Milk Paint to get this color. I used a black glaze to darken the color and bring out some imperfections in the wood. 

I am so happy with how it came out but even happier that the cords and the bulky electronics are hidden. 

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September 07, 2014

Vintage Buffet and Not Decorating for the Season

Hi friends! 
Fall is officially here and I can feel the change outside. 
Here's to cooler times waiting in the carpool line, long sleeves, and everything pumpkin spice. 
We'll all be sick of it soon and ready for spring again. 

Pumpkins, fall leaves and Harvest signs are everywhere in blog-land. You won't find any of that crap on this blog. 
At least, not until October. 
I try to make things pretty and I stage with things I think look pretty. Plus, I haven't dug out my fall decorations. 
Therefore, pink gladiolas and bright yellows it is. 

Okay, I've rambled enough...here's a pretty makeover that I am super in love with.



How much do you love this makeover?! 
I really love it. 
I found this buffet at Goodwill and when I saw it I knew I had to get it! 
It is much bigger in person. Like HUGE, in person.

I knew I wanted a pretty dark bluish grey color but I wanted to use paint I already had on hand. I also wanted a more worn look since this piece has a vintage feel. 
I had some Old Fashioned Milk Paint colors so I mixed them until it was close to the color I wanted. 
I mixed sea green, light cream, and pitch black. I didn't measure, I just added colors until I liked the outcome. 
The color was a shade of denim once it dried. 
I used a brown glaze to make the color deeper and bring out the creases and imperfections. 

The milk paint didn't chip as much on it's own so I used a 220 sandpaper to make the paint chip. 

Love, Love, Love!

I hope you like this piece as much as I do....and my spring flowers : )


August 09, 2014

Dresser in Pitch Black Milk Paint

Hi friends. 

I love this makeover!
 I have only painted one other piece black and that was for a client. Black is not my normal but I knew it would work with this piece. I went to my local WoodCraft and bought a couple sacks of Old-Fashioned Milk Paint. It was on sale and I couldn't pass up the price. 


This brand of milk paint leaves a milky, sometimes uneven, finish. 
I think it's perfect because it gives it a more worn look & some depth. 
I need to mention, I do not have my dog pose. He sees the camera, a comfy rug and plops right down. 

 I found these pulls at Target.
I love the hammered finish.

The natural lighting makes this piece look like there is white, or some type of build-up, but it's just the sunlight. 

I have to give my friend Reeves, from The Weathered Door, props for the inspiration to do the paper art wall. You guys should check out her page. She is beyond talented! 
I found an old book at Goodwill, cut out my favorite pictures, and taped them to the wall. 
They are frame worthy!

I adore how this little dresser turned out.

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