October 20, 2012

Custom Baby Doll Cradle

I really wanted to name this post "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" but decided to stick with something less creepy.

My client Erika has a little girl that has a birthday coming up and she wanted to have her baby doll cradle painted. I have some amazing clients who have all been very laid back and a pleasure to work for but I think Erika might win the award for being the most laid back. I asked her what shade of pink she wanted and as we were walking about of the playroom she picks up a block and says, "Uh, something like this...I'm really not picky". Seriously, most laid back and easygoing award goes to Erika!


I used homemade chalk paint because I foresee this cradle getting lots of use and the paint will hold up well.
I also distressed along the edges.
I hope Erika's little girl loves her updated baby doll crib and has a great birthday!
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