February 14, 2013

Pink Ombre Dresser

Happy Valentine's Day! I painted a sweet little dresser in three shades of pink and white for my little girl and I think it is a great piece to share on Valentine's day. I have had this dresser for a while now but I don't think it ever sold because it's so short. This dresser is perfect for a four year old!

 Seriously, does this thing have enough knobs???


 I distressed the edges because I know it will get a lot of wear over the years and having it distressed will lessen the blow when it gets beat up. 
I used Swiss Coffee for the white and I found a color sample with three graduating colors so it would be easier to make a color selection. I also used homemade chalk paint with each color. I use chalk paint more for the durability and less for the look. 
I filled a few extra holes (from the gazillion original knobs) and used clear glass pulls. 

Here are the names of the different shades I pink I used. 

I love this little dresser and I'm so glad I finally found a use for it. You wouldn't believe it, but my house only has about three pieces of painted furniture. I never have time to paint anything for the house or my family. I'm glad I finally get to do something for my daughter. 

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