October 27, 2014

Salem Red Empire

I want to keep this short and sweet. 
I have a great before and after of an empire to share with y'all. 



I used salem red old fashioned milk paint. It's a great shade of red with orange undertones. 
I'm not always a fan of gold but I was inspired by the gold keyholes. 
I found the all of the pulls from Hobby Lobby. I sprayed the tear drop pulls with a metallic gold paint to match the arrows. 

This piece weathered a lot but I like it. I don't always like super distressed pieces but it works with this one. 
I used a champagne colored fabric to line the drawers and I re-stained the top. 

I love this piece!

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  1. I love this! And I just love empire dressers. I have one I got for $40, it has some cracks in the side and the veneer is chipping in spots but I love it. It's ancient. I realize after looking at this though, that I really should do something to make it look better. The wood is mahogany I think, and it's a pretty color but the damage is what you see first, and the pulls are old and cracked. I love how it looks with the new ones. I should send you a pic for your advice!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is fabulous! Love every little bit of it!

  3. It came out amazing. Love the hardware. Hey--where did you get the deer head wall hanging? That's pretty cool too.

  4. Helen,
    thanks so much for sharing at my party. I LOVE this dresser...great color and awesome hardware! Sharing on faecbook.


  5. Love how all the colors come together so nicely. I will definitely try these color combination myself...

  6. Beautiful!

    I truly LOVE it. So much so, I have featured it as a Friday Furniture Favorite. I hope you stop by and see how I bragged about you.

    Have a wonderful creative weekend!


  7. Don't usually care for distressing but the way you did it on this dresser is perfect. Nobody seems to like distressing down here. You did an exquisite renovation on that Empire, it's gorgeous and that color, oh my.
    Oh how I would so love to find an empire style dresser here, haven't even seen one here (Grand Junction, CO). I'd love to go down to Delta and Montrose to see what styles they have in antique stores. Lived in this area for over 10 years and haven't gotten to antique shop down there (few miles south of G.J.). Antique shops in G.J. aren't open on Sunday (when I always seem to get urge to go). We used to go antiquing alot on Sunday's in MT when we lived there. Lots of great stores in MT.
    Have great weekend and Happy New Year


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