November 28, 2011

Old Ugly Chair

I found this chair sitting on the side of the road.
First of all, I NEVER find cool things that people throw out. Second, I was super excited because it was sturdy, didn't need much work and was FREE!

I can't wait to start working on this chair!

I am thinking of doing something like this
(Note: I know I have seen this in blog land...somewhere, but I can't recall exactly what blog. Therefore, I cannot give credit to where credit is due.
I found this on Pinterest so I can only give credit to Pinterest).
If you know where this chair is from please let me know!

I love the pop of color and how the two different patterns somehow make it less busy.

I'm hoping to start working on the chair before Christmas so check back for after pictures!

November 20, 2011

Changing Table

I feel so lucky to have met Elizabeth. I mean seriously, this lady is keeping me busy with work!

Now that her nightstands are finished I was able to work on the changing table for her sweet baby boy.

I had this dresser that I was wanting to eventually turn into a vanity/dry sink.
But when Elizabeth said she was looking for a changing table I had to let her have it.

Look at how pretty it is.


I loved the legs and the shape of this piece.
Oh, and the drawers were so deep they could hold a lot of diapers and baby clothes!

Now the dirty work....

I had to strip this piece since I wanted to distress it.

I used  CitriStrip and the original paint and glaze literally came off in strips.
This was the easiest piece of furniture I have stripped.

I used two coats of primer and then I painted.

It's too cold to paint in my garage so I have to bring my work inside.
I really don't like working inside....

Notice that the legs are on my rug so this has to be an after paint picture....
there is NO way I paint on my floor. I really shouldn't be painting in my house.
I'm too messy and I always seem to step in paint.

Anyway, back to what I was saying....two coats of paint

If you look really hard you can see 49 stamped into the wood.
 There were numerous 49 stamps on this piece
so I am thinking it was made in 1949.

I think it makes this dresser even cooler!

After two coats of paint (Lynchburg Estate Cream by Valspar)
I started distressing.

After distressing I sealed the changing table with two coats of poly
and I added some pretty green drawer pulls.

Once again, I had a huge brain fart and didn't take pictures
before I delivered it to Elizabeth...but you get the idea!


I think it turned out amazing and I hope Baby W has it for years to come!
What do you think?


The Shabby Nest

Two Make a Pair

I delivered the second nightstand and changing table to my client yesterday.

Yes, it's still weird to say client, so from now on I will use her real name....Elizabeth.

So, I delivered the second nightstand and changing table to Elizabeth yesterday!

You remember the first one....



So cute...right?

Well this is what I worked on for her husband. I had a second nightstand in my stash but she wanted something that looked a little more similar (in shape) to her nightstand.

The second nightstand was round on the edges and the drawer on was the bottom instead of the top.
I love how they look similar in color but there is something just a little different about them.
I also love that they aren't too matchy-matchy.

(excuse the dust)

I didn't sand the laminate down at all. I'm just going to call it an experiment!
It turned out okay but when I distressed the piece more white came off so next time
I will sand the laminate.

I put two coats of primer on, a coat of white (Swiss Coffee by Behr), and
two coats of Interesting Aqua by Sherwin Williams.

Then I sanded and slapped on two coats of water-based polyurethane.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

Unfortunately, I was in my car getting ready to leave Elizabeth's house when
 I remembered that I forgot to take after pictures.
So I ran back inside and took a few...and it does no justice to how cute the nightstand really is.
Plus everything looks better staged...oh well!


I did the same drawer pull as on the first nightstand but I turned this one vertical
and for a more masculine look and I lined the drawer with a
chocolate brown microfiber material.

I love how both nightstands turned!

What do you think?

November 15, 2011


I showed a before picture of the nightstand I am working on here.

Elizabeth, the lady who has faith in me and "loves what I do" (those are her words...not mine), is coming to pick it up tomorrow.

Here it is...

I used an "oops" paint I found at the ReStore. It's called Interesting Aqua by Sherwin Williams.
I used a razor to distress the piece...the only time I used sandpaper was to even out the edges and in between coats of poly. I used a high gloss, water-based polyurethane. I went with two coats on the top since its being used as a nightstand.

The fabric was bought at Hobby Lobby and I had just enough leftover from another project to use on this piece.
The hardware is from Hobby Lobby too. I have the same pulls on my buffet and when Elizabeth came over she made mention of how much she liked them. I'm hoping to surprise her with them!

Overall, I love how this one turned out and I hope Elizabeth loves it too!

November 13, 2011

Projects, Projects, Projects

I have a garage full of furniture! I sold my first two pieces pretty quick after listing them. In doing so I met the nicest lady who wants even more finished pieces from me. I keep waiting for her to change her mind and come to her senses....

These are some pieces she is getting

A nightstand that I picked up at Goodwill.

This is a dresser I found on Craigslist.
My "client" (I usually just call her by her name) is looking for a changing table and this
piece is in the running.

It has great bones but needs a little help (i.e, wood glue, clamps and nails).

Awesome contact paper!
(it was in all of the drawers...sigh)

There are key holes and lock but no keys.

This piece is also in the running for a changing table.
I got this piece on an excursion into the city one day with my husband.
We were in the worst part of the city but I met a man
who goes to estate sales and gets great deals on furniture.

We exchanged our contact info and I am hoping he becomes my
drug, er, furniture dealer.
My husband jokes that finding furniture is my drug.

It came with a mirror too (no pic though).

And it needs new hardware too. This one broke in transit.

I love this dresser. I wanted to use in it our basement bathroom as a vanity
but since the bathroom is non existent I decided to pay this one forward and turn it into
a changing table/dresser.

There will be others, I just know it!

I need to get my butt in gear and start working on these.
The night stand should just needs hardware and a coat of poly
and I will have AFTER pictures up soon.

Knee Hole Desk

 I snagged this desk from a VFW garage sale for $10!
 It is a knee hole desk from Furnishing's of Character by Lammert's in St.Louis.
There is a metal tag inside the drawer with the company's name and address.

I got a little ahead of myself and started removing hardware and then I came to my senses
and grabbed my camera.


I completely stripped this dresser before I primed it and the original color is beautiful.
(Sadly, this picture is before the stripping took place).

I primed, painted, sanded and used poly on the base and wax on the top.
It was my first time using wax and I'm still not sure what I think of it.

I also lined the drawers with fabric which was a linen blend.
That particular material was a pain in the arse to work with!!
But it's pretty...don't ya think?

I replaced the old knobs with some from
 Hobby Lobby.

What do you think?

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