December 30, 2011

Green with Envy

I have to say I am pretty pleased with how this dresser turned out! I love the color and I have started to adore the heavy distressing. If you want to see the before click { here }

So much better than the before!

A view from the top

I stripped this dresser, painted with a white chalk paint (so there would be white showing once I distressed), and then painted it with a homemade chalk recipe.

I used 1 cup of paint and 1 Tbsp of unsanded grout.
I doubled the amounts and added water when it became too clumpy. My paint was still a little clumpy but it worked fine.There is no exact science and it turned out great. I have read that chalk paint will dry out within a day or two. (I keep mine in a sealed container and it is still use able after three weeks and counting).

To get this color I mixed a dark sage color with a white satin paint I had. Again, there is no exact science. I mixed the colors until I was pleased with the end result.

Then I painted, and distressed with a sander. I am too impatient and I wish I would have taken my time and used a different grit sandpaper. In my opinion, 220 grit is best to use with chalk paint and it actually saves time when sanding. I took a timeout and became as patient as I can and started sanding with the 220 paper....what a difference!!!

I put on one coat of wax, added the hardware and called it a day. 

I asked you guys what color knobs and the consensus was white but I really wanted to use the black.
Since I was torn I decided a trip to Hobby Lobby would help me decide! Surprise, surprise it did help!
I found these pulls and they actually had enough for the it just me or does HL never have enough knobs?

Here is one more look at this gorgeous dresser. I can't stop looking at it!

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