November 16, 2012

Custom ~ Vintage White Dresser

My client Megan was searching and searching for a dresser. We spent weeks emailing back and forth with Craigslist listings until she sent me this dresser. She got this dresser for a steal. It needed some work but it had potential.
The top had missing veneer and Megan wanted to work it with and use glaze to highlight it.
I was all for working with what we had but after priming and a coat of paint I said to myself, "This is not Picked and Painted quality, this top is coming off."

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking all the veneer off of the top.
This is more Picked and Painted quality!
The wood underneath had a few dings but it looked way better than the missing veneer.


We decided to skip the glaze and keep the clean look of the white. Megan also wanted to go a little heavier with the distressing... which I think turned out awesome!
The paint color I used was Swiss Coffee and I sprayed the hardware with oil rubbed bronze.
I also used homemade chalk paint on this piece (1 cup latex paint mixed with 1/4 to 1/2 cup baking soda).
Isn't the original hardware gorgeous?!
I sealed it with two coats of Johnson's Paste Wax and the finish is smooth to the touch.
I have a little tip for the chalk paint. DO NOT use the fridge pack baking soda. I have used it before because it was all I had on hand but this time it was a complete mess. I was like I added sand to the paint. I don't know why the fridge pack didn't work like normal baking soda. I found plain baking soda, made another batch and it worked like a charm.
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November 08, 2012

Custom Posh Red Buffet

Hi guys! Are you tired of seeing red furniture yet? I really hope not because I have a few more custom red pieces I will be sharing in the next few days.

I posted this buffet on my facebook page a few weeks ago and it was snagged by Angie in record time. Angie liked the red dresser I did and she wanted this buffet painted red. (click here to see all of my red pieces).



I used the same color combo as this dresser set.
I used homemade chalk paint (1 cup latex and 1/4 cup baking soda). The paint color I used is called Posh Red by Valspar and I used a glaze to darken it a little.
I added new hardware from Hobby Lobby, distressed along the edges and and sealed with Johnson's Paste Wax.
I have one more red piece to share with you next week and it's an old mission style rocking chair! Stay tuned.

November 04, 2012

Custom Red Boudoir Set

My client Erika wanted to update her old dressers and she wanted to go bold!
I painted a dresser red (click here for that post) and it was a huge hit. Red has been the most requested custom color lately. I also have an update on the color I used for all of those who asked.

I usually fill holes and chipped veneer but this time for budget reasons we decided to leave them. I am so glad we did. The glaze makes them pop and they add great character to the pieces.
Okay, onto the color I used.
With this red dresser and this red dresser I used Gumball Red and added a darker paint to make the red darker. I never measure when I mix so it was hard to answer any questions I got about it.
I found a color that was very close to the custom mixed color.
The new red I use is Posh Red by Valspar and there is no mixing involved.
This is what Posh Red looks like without glaze and with glaze.

If you are going to paint something red you will need a few coats of paint. The first coat (or maybe two) might look orange and sometimes pink. It will dry darker.
I used homemade chalk paint (1 cup latex paint to 1/4 cup baking soda) with these dressers. If you use homemade chalk paint you need to lightly sand with 220 grit before you glaze or wax. The color completely changes after you sand...yes, it's, don't panic! Use a damp rag to wipe off the dust and the red will re-appear!
On these pieces I used Posh Red, glazed, and waxed.
I added new black iron pulls from Hobby Lobby.
I hope you guys like red because I have two more custom pieces that are being painted red and I will have them up next week.

November 02, 2012

Vintage Green Dresser

There is an old farmhouse at the top of my subdivision that has been marked for demolition. It sits off of the road and it has been there long before my little neighborhood was built. My husband was driving home and he saw a garage sale sign. He stopped to talk to the owner, came home to grab me, and we went back and made friends with the owner. The owner had 15 days until the house was going to be demolished so he was ready to part with some things.

This dresser was sitting in a shed and he didn't want to part with it right away but... two days later I got a phone call from him asking me to make an offer.



I used this same color on a table I did for a client (click here to see that post) and I loved it so much I wanted to paint something else in green.

I used Cliveden Pasture by Valspar and used a black glaze to darken it a little.
I stripped the top and there is some gorgeous wood grain showing.
I was going to use the original pulls but one was broken so I had to replace them with pulls from Hobby Lobby.

I love how this piece turned out!

What do you think?

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