April 24, 2013

Custom Mustard Yellow Buffet

I spent the day running errands with my daughter, giving my hubby time to study for class tonight, and rushing home to take advantage of the sun poking its head out to take a few pictures. 
As I was getting ready to stage this buffet I got a text message from my client letting me know the sun was out and she was dying to see some more photos. This is for you Ashley!!

Ashley found a buffet and wanted to paint it mustard yellow. She gave me three shades of yellow to pick from and I picked Almond Puff by Valspar. I don't know if my eyes or going bad or the girl that was training in the paint department mixed it wrong but the color was off.  First, you get to see the color I mixed and at the end of this post you can see the huge mistake of a color I chose.


One of our errands was Trader Joe's to get  flowers.

I don't have a color name since I mixed the color myself. 
I sprayed the pulls, waxed and very lightly distressed the edges. 
I sanded the top and used Kona stain to restain the top. 
Ashley has a farm table in her kitchen with a dark top and a coffee table with a dark wood plank top so we went dark with this piece too. 

Want to see what the Almond Puff looked like? 
It's the color on the right and the color on the left is the one I mixed. I took it with my phone at night so it's not too clear but you get the idea. 

I kept picturing yellow school buses, and those big bright smiley faces...maybe even a yield sign. 
I was going to use a black glaze to tone it down or maybe even add a little brown paint to help adjust the color. Both were a FAIL! 
Thankfully, I think I made the right call and came up with a great color that was very close to the three Ashley gave me.
 I can't leave you with this picture so here so one more good one!

Yellow is my grandma's favorite color and I never liked it. In the last two years, yellow (especially mustard yellow) has been added to my top 5 favorite colors. 

 Are you a fan of yellow?

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