December 02, 2012

Milk Paint and a Little Gossip

Sorry to disappoint but I don't have any gossip for you but I do have a gossip bench painted with Old Fashioned Milk Paint.


The before really isn't that bad but I wanted to try milk paint out on something and this was it.
I used Sea Green by the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. I did not use the bonding agent because I wanted a naturally worn look.  I chose OFMP over MMS milk paint because of price and color choices.


This picture is the truest as far as color and clarity.
I'm hoping Santa gets my letter about the new camera I asked for....
I applied two coats of the milk paint and lightly sanded between coats to loosen any flakes that occurred. This is what it looked like after I sanded and before I waxed.
 You can see the color is a little dull and flat before I waxed.
After I sanded I think the paint really started to chip. Also the longer it sat the more it chipped.
If you don't want the natural chipping and peeling of milk paint add the bonding agent and you can control the amount of peeling.
I think it came out great.
I want to give credit to other furniture bloggers, pinterest, and crafty people all around for the garland idea. I have seen different homemade garlands and I wanted to make one. There is a garland with dyed doilies that I might try next.  
I used a circle punch and picked out scrapbook paper that I had and then taped them to fishing line.
Have more questions about milk paint?
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