January 02, 2012

New Workspace


I am between projects right now but I wanted to give you a look into my workspace. I don't know about you, but I love seeing how people do things in their home or have things set up. My favorite thing is when people have their windows open at night with the lights on and I can see how they decorate their home. I tell my husband to slow down so I can spy. I'm not the only one that does this...right? RIGHT?

Last Spring I took over the garage with my furniture... and paint... and junk.
St. Louis is cold in the winter and there is no way I am scraping snow and ice off my car in the winter so I set up shop in the basement. (I will try very hard to stay positive in this post)!

My Previous Workspace

I went from fresh air, great ventilation, the warm sun, no limit on how much noise I could make with power tools
to this.....

THE BASEMENT...my new workspace
DUN..DUN..DUUUUNNNNN! (that's scary basement music)

I am learning to love my new workspace. I am from Texas, the land of no basements. This is foreign to me.
Besides have you seen American Horror Story....basements are creepy!
I mentioned being limited to the amount of noise I can make....see the baby monitor on the table?
My daughter's room is right above my space so I can't be too loud. I usually work during nap time and bed time....so, yeah I miss the garage.

My husband is so good to me. He has let me take over his workspace and his tools.
He even put a storage cabinet down there for me.

I got a little sidetracked in the beginning of this post but this is what I want to show you!
My stuff, how I store it, what all I use....my windows are open and the light is on so drive by slowly.

I swear it is organized! The top shelf looks a little cluttered due to the angle but I swear it's organized.
As you can see I have TONS of paint. I think I only paid full price for one gallon and it was for my daughter's play room.
I always check the "oops" section at the hardware store and I make trips to the ReStore when I can. I feel like I am starting to hoard paint but you can never have enough paint.

When I started doing this I learned a lot by stalking blogs and getting different ideas from other people.I saw one lady use cans to place her furniture on so she could paint the feet without getting her brush dirty. I stole her idea except I sometimes add foil because I have so much paint on top of the cans that it gets in the way of my brush.

There are other ways too.

I saw this on Pinterest (via Apartment Therapy). They used a nail in the base of the leg.
I'm too lazy to hammer nails all the time but it's a great idea. Plus I'm not sure how this would work on large pieces of furniture.

So any questions or tips from your workspace? I would love to hear them.