May 14, 2013

A Taste of Americana

Our life is a series of projects right now. Money is limited so things are going slowly but we are getting them done. Since our extra closet (aka: my husband's closet) is in the nursery my hubby and I get to share a closet again. YAY.....not really. Our closet space isn't big so we needed to add a dresser to our bedroom to store most of my husband's clothes. 



 I love this picture. Our Granddad took it in Spain and it screams Mafia to me. I love that Granddad took the picture but it also looks like a surveillance picture taken by the FBI.  So eerie but so cool.

This dresser was in rough shape when we bought it but I was okay with it because we only paid $25!! 
It was missing the trim around some of the drawers so I took it all off, sanded and filled any missing veneer and my husband sanded the top so we could stain it. 

I tried to polish the original hardware with Brasso but it was taking too long and it was hard to get in the small areas. Instead I used aged copper spray by Rustoleum. The top was stained with a walnut stain. 

I haven't put a protective coat on yet (but I will) and I also didn't distress or use chalk paint. 

The paint color I used was Americana by Behr and it took about 3-4 coats.

Now on to finishing the nursery!!