October 02, 2013

Baby Changing Table

How is everyone...wonderful, I hope!
If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen a post about emergency surgery. 
No worries! 
I had enormous kidney stones (yes, multiple) that had me take a trip to the ER, which led to an overnight stay in the hospital and then to the operating room to have a stent put in.
I'm back home now and my husband did a great job holding the fort down and watching the babies while I was in the hospital.

Working from home is nice but when you have deadlines for client orders it can be stressful when you are physically not able to work. Thankfully, all of my customers are beyond understanding.

 Speaking of customers! Noreen contacted me about painting an old dresser for her soon-to-be grand baby. 

She and her daughter found an inspiration piece they loved while searching Pinterest. The inspiration was painted by Denise from a girl and a brush  (click the link to see the inspiration by Desi).  We brainstormed and changed a few things without losing the overall look. 
The color is a soft gray but looks a little blue in a few of these photos

 My homemade glitter jar/vase. Who knew doing one glitter project could make a girl so glitter happy!
I saw one on Pinterest and had to add it to my DIY list.

 The gender is going to be a surprise so Noreen's daughter wanted to go with a neutral pallet. 

The color is Silverplate (satin) by Sherwin Williams.
I didn't distress this piece and I sealed with two coats of wax. 

The pulls are from Hobby Lobby and they are a glass amber.
Hobby Lobby used to always have their knobs 50% off. Now they only put hardware on sale once or twice a month. It was a sad day when I learned about this!!

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