September 18, 2012

Custom Red Buffet & Birthday Gift

It turns out that red furniture is a huge hit! A client of mine saw the red empire dresser I painted and requested the same color for a buffet she is going to use in her new home. She is moving to Oklahoma next week and she is taking this gorgeous buffet with her.

I mixed a custom red using Gumball Red (by Olympic) with a chocolate brown paint and then I used kona stain as a glaze. I also used homemade chalk paint. I have tweaked my recipe just a little. I have never measure but I did this time because I thought the ratio was a little off. The new recipe I use is   1 c. paint to 1/4 c. baking soda. The old recipe called for 1/2  c. baking soda. I would say use UP TO 1/2 c. soda but start with only a quarter cup.
I lightly distressed and sealed with wax.
I kept the original pulls but sprayed then with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

For my birthday last month, my husband got me a branding iron to brand my business name into my furniture pieces. He ordered it from a wood working website and had a custom saying added to it.

How cool is that?!
In case it's a little hard to read it says: Handcrafted by Picked and Painted.
I thought this was a neat gift because it is something I would never by for myself and I can put my name on my work!

If you are interested in more info on where to purchase a custom branding iron click here.