July 08, 2014

General Finishes Milk Paint: Buttermilk Yellow Desk

Free furniture is the best furniture.
Even if the drawers are a little crooked.
My friend gave me a desk and I fell in love with the legs. 

 I have been using a lot of General Finishes Milk Paint lately and I can't get enough of the stuff. 
I painted a buffet, desk, my kitchen chairs and my entertainment center with their paint (posts coming soon).
The main reason I wanted to use GF on this piece was because I didn't want to prep and sand this piece. 
It was shiny and I was feeling lazy. 
GF sticks to everything!!!

  I used Buttermilk Yellow on this desk and then I distressed with my hand sander. 

 See the second drawer that doesn't close all the way?!

 I found these pulls at Home Goods!

 This is the room you first walk in when you enter my house. The front door is to the right of the desk. The first thing you see is my new work area and my fancy couch.
I really love that couch. It is used for extra seating, reading with my 5 year old and my cat has claimed it has her new bed.

I use an extra kitchen chair as my desk chair. This particular chair was painted seagull gray. Yep, that's a GF color. It is the perfect shade of gray.

 Have you met Quincy?
If you follow me on facebook you can see even more pictures of this handsome boy.
He likes to lay at my feet when I paint or try to lick the paint. Depends on his mood! 
(no worries, we stop him before he can get into anything)