September 01, 2013

Dresser: Moss Point Green

I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend! 
We spent ours around the house. Elise watched Ghostbusters for the first time, I worked on furniture and my hubby built me stuff. 
Notice the old wooden "thing" on the wall. I'm drawing a blank on the name...a wooden plank??
Any way, it's super sweet and I'm hoping to use it in many more photo staging op's.

 The old ladder came from my mother-in-laws house when she moved. It's been living in our garage for a while now and I finally found something to do with it. I didn't realize it was 12 foot tall until
 I put it against the wall. YAY, for vaulted ceilings!

These shades of green and orange make me ready for fall.
 Are you tired of my bunting? If you are, I have bad news because I am really hooked on it.  I do try to make a new color each time I use one for staging. Maybe a new pattern soon?
 This shade of green is perfect. 
It's moss point green in satin by Olympic One (found at Lowe's).

The original top had that hazy white film on the top and iron marks. I stripped the top and added a dark walnut minwax stain and protected the whole piece with wax. 
I kept the original pulls and sprayed them in oil rubbed bronze. 

I wanted the grooves in the legs to pop so I distressed the legs and lightly along the edges.

I mentioned this green makes me think of fall. Here's hoping it will bring the change of the season!

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