November 16, 2012

Custom ~ Vintage White Dresser

My client Megan was searching and searching for a dresser. We spent weeks emailing back and forth with Craigslist listings until she sent me this dresser. She got this dresser for a steal. It needed some work but it had potential.
The top had missing veneer and Megan wanted to work it with and use glaze to highlight it.
I was all for working with what we had but after priming and a coat of paint I said to myself, "This is not Picked and Painted quality, this top is coming off."

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking all the veneer off of the top.
This is more Picked and Painted quality!
The wood underneath had a few dings but it looked way better than the missing veneer.


We decided to skip the glaze and keep the clean look of the white. Megan also wanted to go a little heavier with the distressing... which I think turned out awesome!
The paint color I used was Swiss Coffee and I sprayed the hardware with oil rubbed bronze.
I also used homemade chalk paint on this piece (1 cup latex paint mixed with 1/4 to 1/2 cup baking soda).
Isn't the original hardware gorgeous?!
I sealed it with two coats of Johnson's Paste Wax and the finish is smooth to the touch.
I have a little tip for the chalk paint. DO NOT use the fridge pack baking soda. I have used it before because it was all I had on hand but this time it was a complete mess. I was like I added sand to the paint. I don't know why the fridge pack didn't work like normal baking soda. I found plain baking soda, made another batch and it worked like a charm.
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