March 04, 2012

TV Stand Reveal

My client Shelby wanted to turn a dresser into a TV stand. I did a post a few weeks back that showed the inspiration for what she wanted. If you missed that post you can click here.

I usually show the before picture first but I'm gonna change things up with this post.
Here is the after.....

This looks SO splotchy...but it's just the below grade photos. Note to Self: Stop Rushing!!!
Moving on....

The dresser was part MDF and part wood. Well.... the drawer fronts and bottom trim were real wood. I usually work with solid wood pieces so I was a little out of my element but in the end it all came together.

The first challenge was the top which was bubbling, peeling and had a large area covered with sticky stuff. Ewww. Plus the overall look of the dresser was not working! Here's a visual of the overall ugliness!

I sanded the top down in hopes to get a smooth(er) surface. I primed the whole piece and then painted two coats of Swiss Coffee by Bher but even after all of that the reddish brown was bleeding through the top. This is where my second challenge came into play. I sanded...AGAIN... and then decided to paint with homemade chalk paint. (My homemade chalk paint recipe is 1 cup latex paint to 1/4 cup baking soda but now I just pour out some paint onto a paper plate and sprinkle in some baking soda and mix until its a medium thick consistency. After the second time making a batch I quit measuring)! The chalk paint did the trick and stopped the bleeding through!!

I took out the two middle drawers and cut birch plywood to make cubbies. Well, my husband cut the wood but I made sure to tell him how to do it!

If it wasn't for my husband I would have forgotten to add holes for the electronic cords. And that's why I call him Dan the Man....seriously, that's his name in my phone!

I distressed the whole thing, spray painted the brass pulls black (which were $1 a piece at Restore) and then added a coat of wax. I think it turned out great for not being all wood. Shelby and her husband picked up their new TV stand today and they loved it. Shelby was a great client to work with and made my job super easy!

Here is a side by side because nobody likes scrolling up and down really fast!!

Again, I rushed my staging so I apologize for the somewhat blurry photos.

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