December 30, 2011

Green with Envy

I have to say I am pretty pleased with how this dresser turned out! I love the color and I have started to adore the heavy distressing. If you want to see the before click { here }

So much better than the before!

A view from the top

I stripped this dresser, painted with a white chalk paint (so there would be white showing once I distressed), and then painted it with a homemade chalk recipe.

I used 1 cup of paint and 1 Tbsp of unsanded grout.
I doubled the amounts and added water when it became too clumpy. My paint was still a little clumpy but it worked fine.There is no exact science and it turned out great. I have read that chalk paint will dry out within a day or two. (I keep mine in a sealed container and it is still use able after three weeks and counting).

To get this color I mixed a dark sage color with a white satin paint I had. Again, there is no exact science. I mixed the colors until I was pleased with the end result.

Then I painted, and distressed with a sander. I am too impatient and I wish I would have taken my time and used a different grit sandpaper. In my opinion, 220 grit is best to use with chalk paint and it actually saves time when sanding. I took a timeout and became as patient as I can and started sanding with the 220 paper....what a difference!!!

I put on one coat of wax, added the hardware and called it a day. 

I asked you guys what color knobs and the consensus was white but I really wanted to use the black.
Since I was torn I decided a trip to Hobby Lobby would help me decide! Surprise, surprise it did help!
I found these pulls and they actually had enough for the it just me or does HL never have enough knobs?

Here is one more look at this gorgeous dresser. I can't stop looking at it!

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December 27, 2011

Sneak Peek

I have been working on this beast of a dresser for almost a month now. The holidays and life have gotten in the way but I finally found some time to work on it last night.

This dresser was so unloved before I snagged it. The previous owner painted the dresser black, added black knobs, didn't fill the original holes (look close you will see what I'm talking about), and also painted the sides of the drawers. What were these people thinking?


Under the black there was blue and under the blue there was white...sigh.

I don't want to give away too much plus this post is just a sneak peek!

I painted the dresser green and I distressed it more than I usually do.
Do you think it's too much?

The dresser came with black glass knobs.  I like the the black but I can't decide what looks better.
The black pulls or the white pulls?

Let's take a vote shall we? I would love to hear YOUR opinion!!!

Stay tuned for the final product. This piece will also be FOR SALE!

December 23, 2011

My Version of an Ombre Dresser

My sister-in-law was looking for a little dresser to put in her son's room. We found this one on Craigslist and I told her I would paint it for her...seeing how I like to paint things and all!


This dresser is great for a little boy. It's a dresser that can be used for years to come.
I have seen a few Ombre dressers in blog land and I wanted to try my hand at it.
First of all, I'm my worst critic and I always point out all of my mistakes (even to clients). So in keeping with my true self, here we go!

The more I look at the dresser the more I see a tall Lego. Do you see it?
The first and second drawer are very close in color and I mixed the knobs up and didn't notice until I was editing the pictures. (Easy fix though).
After taking the photos (which was kinda rushed) I noticed that the last 2 drawers might possibly be switched (another easy fix).
I'm sure there are other flaws but the dresser will serve its purpose and that's all that matters.


I lined all the drawers with some left over microfiber material I had. 

I used paint I had and mixed the colors until I made graduated shades. If I ever do another piece of furniture like this I will probably pick a color swatch and buy each individual color in sample sizes. I made the mistake of not mixing enough of one color (for touch-ups) and trying to duplicate the color and failing horribly only to start all over. Lesson learned!

There was no distressing on this dresser which was kind of hard for me. Distressing is a great way to hide my mistakes but the in-laws aren't really into the distressed stuff ...yet (*wink *wink, Carrie).

I do love this dresser though and it's going to quite a special little guy if I do say so!

What do you think of the Ombre trend?

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December 09, 2011

Vintage Book Prints

I have seen some great art on Etsy! I like things that are different and can't be found in every house you visit....if you like the same thing then check out some shops on Etsy.

I was looking for nautical themed ideas for a desk I am working on and I came across ideas from an Etsy shop called Stay Gold Media .

This one is my favorite and it is now hanging on my wall (please ignore the horrible glare...but you get the idea)!

They use recycled dictionary paper and have over a hundred images to choose from. I got lucky and bought some prints when they had a buy two get one free offer....don't mind if I do!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

these photos are copyrighted by StayGoldMedia

Would you put something like this on your wall? I sure would!

December 03, 2011

Revamped Dresser

This dresser was picked up off of Craigslist and it had potential. After getting it home, I realized that it was a homemade dresser (i.e., it needed a lot of work). The bottoms of each drawer needed to be reglued and clamped. There were rusty old nails holding the drawers together...yuck!

Just to refresh your memory this is what it looked like when it came home with me.



just making her pretty for Christmas

If you remember I did a pair of nightstands that you can read about {here} and this dresser will be joining them. I like the blue/gray color I have been doing but I'm itching to do something different and something bold. I have green on the brain...oooh, or maybe a yellow!

Any color suggestions for future pieces?

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