July 09, 2014

Coral Crush + Persimmon Buffet

This buffet was one of the first pieces I ever painted. 
I found it at Goodwill for $40, brought it home and painted the entire thing white. Last year, I stripped the top and painted the bottom a greenish/blue color. 

I've always said purple is my favorite color. Once I started painting furniture & my house, I realize my favorite color is any shade of blue. It's becoming a problem! 

I need a change. 
I need some color (besides blue or gray) in my home. 

General Finishes Milk Paint sent me some bright, bold colors to use. 
I loved the colors but they were a little too bright for my space. 
Make my own color!

I mixed 1 part coral crush and 1 part persimmon to get this rich color. 
If it looks crazy bright it's probably the screen settings (the first picture looks a little off on my screen).
This color is the perfect mix. It's not too pink and not too orange. 
The next three photos are very true to the actual color.

  I love the wood grain on the lip.
I went with a white washed wooden knob from Hobby Lobby. 

See the black and white photo? That is a picture of my husbands grandmother when she was in college. It's one of my favorite photos. 

 The chair is one of my extra kitchen chairs. It was also painted in GF milk paint. 
See the problem I have with blues and greens??! 
It's a serious issue!

What's the difference is between General Finishes (GF) milk paint and other milk paint brands?

GF is premixed and it is not a powder. 
It does not flake and get chippy. It is the consistency of paint.
It dries hard and sticks to almost anything.

Other brands are a powder that you mix with water. 
They will flake and get chippy (normally). You can add a bonding agent if you do not want chipping. 
The consistency is not like normal paint. It is a little more runny.

Both types of milk paint distress easily.
Hope this helps answer any questions readers might have!

My friend Reeves from The Weathered Door did a great post on various types of milk paint.
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