January 26, 2013

Hepplewhite Dressers in Swiss Coffee

You know those really cool dressers you see with the oval pulls? Apparently they have an actual name besides old dressers with pretty oval pulls. My newest client Lauren contacted me requesting a set of Hepplewhite style dressers which is the actual name from this style of furniture. Ya' learn something new everyday!

Lucky for Lauren my neighbor was wanting to get rid of some furniture in her garage and she had two dressers identical to what my client was wanting.



My client wanted a clean classic look so we decided to use Swiss Coffee by Behr. I used my homemade chalk paint recipe (1c. paint to 1/4 -1/2 c. baking soda) because chalk paint is so durable and has a great finish. Plus it drys super fast!


I lightly distressed the edges using a razor, sealed with Johnson's Paste Wax, and used Oil Rubbed Bronze to touch up the hardware. I primed these two pieces before I painted because I knew the original stain would bleed through. I primed, painted two coats of chalk paint and still had bleed through in certain spots. NOOO!!! I painted another coat of primer over the chalk paint and painted one more coat of Swiss Coffee. Thankfully, that did the trick.

Yes, professional furniture painters have paint issues/potential disasters too! My tip for the day for you ladies painting something for the first time: Don't be afraid and just go for it!!

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