August 01, 2013

Empire Dresser & a Change of Plans

I adore Empire style furniture and I think this one might be my favorite (so far). 
I feel like I should warn you now that I don't have a color name for you. I know, I know....I always do this. 
But what had happened was......

I originally wanted to paint this in milk paint and I actually painted it with 2 coats of Tavern Green milk paint. 
I wanted a chippy look and the milk paint was not chipping. Seriously, not one single flake of paint. I had to improvise. 
I found two colors from my stash that I liked and had intentions of picking one.
One was too dark and one was too light so I mixed them together and got this pretty deep shade of blue green. I think it looks prettier in person!

 I painted right over the milk paint and had no problems. I lightly distressed a few edges and sealed with wax.

 I've had a few questions about the bunting. 
It's super easy. It's a pack of 6x6 paper, scissors and string. SUPER EASY!
I will try to do a tutorial post soon.

Even though I really wanted a chippy milk paint look for this piece I think it came out perfect!