April 17, 2013

Meet my Family

Most of my posts are about furniture and maybe a random DIY post. I wanted to share a little of my personal life with you all.

We recently had our first family photos done. I'm the type of person who never had the desire to have photos done professionally. I think mostly because I look at pictures of myself and pick myself apart. I did the same thing with these but I know in a couple of years I will see myself in a different light and I won't judge myself so much. It sounds horrible to admit that but I know I'm not the only one. I do LOVE these pictures though.
 Meet my family.
Me (Helen), Elise and my amazing husband Dan.

Another excuse I had to not do family photos was the cost. 
I was given the opportunity to barter with a client so I had no excuse to not do a shoot. 
If you are in the St. Louis area and are looking for a great photographer who is above reasonable on her prices check out Krista B. Photography. The link takes you to her Facebook page which shows her awesome talent. 
Make sure to tell her Helen sent you!

I've been keeping a secret from most of you guys.

This shoot was special because we were able to capture just the three of us before we become a family of four.
We are expecting a baby at the beginning of July. Yes, that's right, this baby is almost cooked and I'm just now sharing the news.

 Our daughter (Elise) is very excited about being a big sister.
Enjoy the many faces of Elise. 


I'm sure I will share more of myself and my family on my blog but I don't know how much is too much. 
My focus is my business and the furniture but there are so many exciting things going on in my personal life.I don't want to bore you guys but we will see which route I take.

As a follower and blog reader what do you like? 
A little of both worlds or just the furniture?