February 23, 2012

Now That's What I Call a Surprise

My husband came home the other day and told me he had a surprise for me.

Let me tell you how good his surprises can be. When we were dating he told me had a surprise for me. I sat at work the whole day and day dreamed of my surprise. Turns out he and his brother test drove a car that day and got a free baseball cap with a Mazda logo on it.
Are you kidding me??? Yes, he surprised me with a free hat from a car dealership... but looking back I think it was more of a joke (at least that's what I tell myself).

So when he came home and told me he had a surprise I secretly cringed inside. Then he walked through the door with this....

I think this is his best surprise to date!

He was picking up something he bought off of craigslist and the lady gave it to him. It had four stickers on it saying "box is not for sale", which is great because free is so much better. I have no clue what I am going to do with yet but I was thinking of using it next to the fireplace to hold firewood.

Here are some great ideas I have seen....

Carla from Hammers and High Heels used them to hold her shoes! Um, I would love to have her closet & her style.

I could use it in the bathroom to hold extra towels....

Jenn from Pin Cushion Princess used it to hold books. 

My daughter's book collection is out of control. She feels books do not belong on bookshelves but rather scattered all over the floor. Right now I have them all stacked on top of her armoire so this might work! I want to make an open faced bookshelf for the wall  (one day)  and maybe I will have a tutorial for that.

What would you do with an old wooden crate? I would  love to hear your ideas!!!

February 15, 2012

Get Ready for a Whole Bunch of Ugly

I have a client (Hey Shelby!!!) who saw a dresser turned into a TV stand that she fell in love with and she wanted one for herself. After weeks of Craigslist stalking I finally found one that she loved.

This was Shelby's inspiration. Who doesn't love Sausha from Sweet Pickins (formerly Show & Tell)?

Please prepare yourself for some ugly furniture!
This is the dresser I found.

Here's a close up in case you didn't see that amazing fruit motif. Don't be jealous!

 Oh, this poor top. I predict there will be a lot of sanding in my future.

I looking forward to working on this piece and I hope I meet all of Shelby's expectations!!