March 18, 2013

IKEA Crib in Pink

Last week I mentioned that I painted two cribs but I was waiting on after photos. Amanda sent me a few photos of the crib in her nursery. Thank you Amanda and congrats on sweet baby Felicity!

Just a plain, boring, white IKEA crib 
 I threw my daughter's mattress in there to see if it would fit. Apparently you have to buy an IKEA mattress to fit and IKEA crib (we wanted to see how true that was).

I used a green paint (safe paint) from Sherwin Williams called Dragon Fruit. This color is a little more true to the shade of the pink.
Amanda was sweet enough to send me a few photos she took. Most of you will probably wonder why someone would want to paint a crib pink? Why not?! 

I like things that are different and you won't see in every house you visit.
When Felicity gets older, her friends will come over to play; they'll all go home and tell their mommy's they want a pink bed too! She will be a little trendsetter. 

The walls in her room are pink so it's a little hard to get the true color of the crib. The two pictures on the left give you a better idea. 

Congratulations to Amanda and her family!