July 14, 2014

The Little Table That Could

My friend and client needed an old family table repaired and painted. 
I wish I could find the before picture! 

One side of the table was broken in-half and the top was looking pretty rough. 
My husband repaired the side and the table is in one piece now!


 Who needs old vintage books?! Not me. 
These are my current "must reads".

 My husband does our landscaping & gardening and every summer I can't thank him enough. 
I love cutting our flowers and enjoying them inside.

Quincy photobombs again!
He's lucky he's cute. 

I used posh red (Valspar), distressed, and glazed. 
I make my glaze by mixing clear translucent glaze (it's really a milky white) with black paint. 

I really love this little table and I'm so happy Erika can keep an old family heirloom.