January 15, 2014

First Project of 2014

Happy Belated New Year!

I haven't been posting a lot of furniture projects lately and I blame life. You understand though, right?
I've been busy with a lot of custom orders but not much time to document them.
 Blogging is hard but Facebook is easy. 
If you follow me on Facebook you'll see a lot more compared to the blog. I apologize in advance. 

Here is the first (documented) furniture piece of 2014. 
It's a pretty one.

 I thought I had a before picture but it's nowhere to be found.
To make up for not having a "before" picture I will share way too many "after" photos.


 I wish I had a paint color for you guys. 
I accidentally spray painted over the label. 
However, I do know it's from Sherwin Williams & I'm planning on having them color match it in hopes of getting a name for it.

The hardware and fabric are both from Hobby Lobby. 
I really wanted to keep the original pulls but they didn't all match. 
I think these are fun & modern though.

Maybe my resolution should be to post more furniture makeovers!

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