September 27, 2012

Blue & White Waterfall Dresser

I know Fall is officially here but I have to share this beach inspired dresser.
My clients, Brett and Christine, bought a new house and were looking for a few pieces to add to their new digs.
They have a beach cottage style and asked me to transform this dresser to fit their style.
My clients usually tell me exactly what they want but Brett & Christine left this one all up to me.

I stripped the original paint and removed the veneer on two of the drawers.
In the Before picture you can see a decorative piece in the center of the top drawer. My clients wanted that removed so I popped it off and I love how it looks!
I primed (that's the white you see peeking through), painted with homemade chalk paint, sanded and sealed with wax.
The paint colors I used were Aspen Aura and Swiss Coffee by Behr.
I love Fall but this dresser already makes me miss Summer!

September 23, 2012

What do YOU want to know?

Hi guys! I want to know what questions you all have about painting, mixing and using homemade chalk paint, distressing, waxing.....etc. Leave your question in the comment section or on my Facebook page and I will use them in a blog post.

In the past I have received a lot of questions about my chalk paint and a few other great questions. I want to make sure that I don't miss any of them so ask away!!

September 18, 2012

Custom Red Buffet & Birthday Gift

It turns out that red furniture is a huge hit! A client of mine saw the red empire dresser I painted and requested the same color for a buffet she is going to use in her new home. She is moving to Oklahoma next week and she is taking this gorgeous buffet with her.

I mixed a custom red using Gumball Red (by Olympic) with a chocolate brown paint and then I used kona stain as a glaze. I also used homemade chalk paint. I have tweaked my recipe just a little. I have never measure but I did this time because I thought the ratio was a little off. The new recipe I use is   1 c. paint to 1/4 c. baking soda. The old recipe called for 1/2  c. baking soda. I would say use UP TO 1/2 c. soda but start with only a quarter cup.
I lightly distressed and sealed with wax.
I kept the original pulls but sprayed then with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

For my birthday last month, my husband got me a branding iron to brand my business name into my furniture pieces. He ordered it from a wood working website and had a custom saying added to it.

How cool is that?!
In case it's a little hard to read it says: Handcrafted by Picked and Painted.
I thought this was a neat gift because it is something I would never by for myself and I can put my name on my work!

If you are interested in more info on where to purchase a custom branding iron click here.

September 11, 2012

Nursery Furniture ~ Before and After

Krista and Dustin are having a baby and needed furniture. They needed budget friendly furniture and they found this furniture set on Craigslist.
The previous owner was a teenage girl (I'm guessing) and did a number on her furniture.
The sides of the drawers had song lyrics scribbled on them and then her friends joined in and left messages too.  
When I was younger, I was notorious for writing on my shoes (the rubber part mom might disagree) but never on furniture. It was like those shoes were just asking for me to write on them though....


The parents to be wanted something simple and classic. I painted with Swiss Coffee (no chalk paint this time).


Krista and Dustin had a gender reveal party so I was waiting to find out the gender before I bought knobs. Nothing I found was working with these pieces. In the end, I recycled the original hardware and used Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to change the color.
Krista and Dustin will be welcoming their bundle of joy in February and they are having .....

P.S. Krista is a photographer and she does amazing work and if you are in the St. Louis area you should check out her Facebook page (click here). Heck, even if you aren't in STL, stop by her Facebook page and show her some love!

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September 09, 2012

Headboard Before & After

My client, Brandi, wanted to turn these old doors into a headboard. She saw this headboard (click here) and asked if I could duplicate the look for her. She didn't want them as distressed but she loved the overall look of them.

The original paint was caked on and there was splintered wood along the edges. I got a splinter that I am still cursing about and a scar to show for it!
I stripped the paint, sanded the wood smooth, and painted with Swiss Coffee chalk paint.
Brandi wanted a chalky look and I love the chalk paint because I can work so much faster because of the fast drying time.
My husband added a piano hinge between the doors so it could be hung as one door instead of two.
I don't have any pictures hanging the door but we used a french cleat (click here for more info) to hang the door on the wall.

There is a lot of natural light in this space (floor to ceiling windows)

I spray painted the face plates on the doors with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and added a coat of wax to the doors.

Our girls waited as patiently as they could to join the photo shoot!
I loved reusing these old doors to make such a gorgeous headboard. I love stuff that is one of a kind and that nobody else has.
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