October 08, 2013

DIY Glitter Candlestick Makeover

I've been playing with glitter a lot lately. A little too much if you ask my husband, my kitchen floor, and my driveway. It looks like a glitter bomb went off and no amount of sweeping or wiping will clean it all up. 

What could a little more glitter hurt... so I came up with another project. 

Almost two years ago I picked up a pair of candlesticks from Goodwill. I think I was going to use them to make a cake plate for my daughters birthday. 
They have been sitting in my laundry room since the day I brought them home and poor Elise never got a DIY cake plate. 

The before picture does them justice compared to what they look like in person. 
 Plus I got these bad boys for a steal!

This project was super easy & fast.
 I get a lot of emails asking how to do crafts which I (and probably you too) think are easy but to some readers crafts are more of a chore than fun. 
If crafts don't come easy to you, this post is for you! 

If you want to glam up your own ugly candlestick I am going to walk you through it.

You need:
A candlestick
adhesive spray or modge podge (it doesn't have to be matte)
extra fine glitter
foam brush or small paint brush
towel or shoe box

Brush a little modge podge on your candlestick. It doesn't need to be a thick layer of glue but make sure to get in the creases. 
I think adhesive spray would have been a little easier to use but I didn't have any on hand so I used modge podge.

On the first stick I started at the top which worked okay. On the second one, I started from the bottom up and I thought it worked a little easier. It was easier to turn the candlestick without messing up the wet areas. But work from whatever end you like. 

Tip: Place your candlestick in the shoebox or on the towel to catch all the extra glitter

After you paint on a little glue cover that area with glitter. Don't be afraid to pour a lot out. 
 It looks like a lot of glitter comes out but it's not as much as you think. Plus after you are finished you can pour all of the extra glitter back into the glitter jar.

Work in sections and once the entire candlestick is covered let it dry. 
Once the glue is dry there will still be a little extra glitter that you can get off by tapping the stick on your towel or inside the shoe box. 
If you missed any areas apply more glue & glitter and let dry.

My shoe box had a little hole cutout that worked great as an extra hand or a place to rest the candlestick when I needed to use both hands.

Once everything is dry you can display your candlesticks. 

Think of all the colors you could use on this project. 
You could use black for some glam Halloween decor or a pretty gold glitter for New Year's Eve. 
When these have lit candles in them they look even better. They catch all of the light and shimmer even more. 

What do you think of glitter decor? 
Do you love it or hate it!?