December 12, 2012

Custom China Cabinet

I have come to the conclusion that I need a china cabinet now. Nothing big and gaudy but something just like this cabinet I painted for my client. I have no clue where I would put a cabinet but I am sure I could find a spot!

There was wallpaper stuck to the inside. Instead of ripping it all out which may have been impossible we lined the inside with a thin fiber board and used caulk to fill any gaps. By we.... I mean my husband! I did caulk all of the gaps though.

 I also removed all of the thick black trim that someone added. It didn't go with the piece so it had to go!


 My most favorite part of this cabinet is the fabric that was used to line the shelves. It just adds so much coolness and a funky factor to this piece.
 The cabinet doors and the bottom doors have the original locks.

 This cabinet is going to its owner this weekend and I am going to miss looking at it!
My client Sam and her hubby bought and old house from the late 1800's and it is gorgeous. They are slowly furnishing it with custom painted pieces.
I am hoping to take a few pictures of her place and share them with you guys.
Here are a few of the other pieces I have done for her. Her bedroom set, a side table for her living room, and I did this dresser to sell and she grabbed it to use as a buffet in her dinning room.
It  might look like a lot of green but it all works so well in their home. There is a brick wall in every room, the ceilings are 20 feet tall (well, maybe not that tall but they are tall), and the palette is neutral with pops of color in each room.
What's your favorite part of this cabinet?