August 09, 2014

Dresser in Pitch Black Milk Paint

Hi friends. 

I love this makeover!
 I have only painted one other piece black and that was for a client. Black is not my normal but I knew it would work with this piece. I went to my local WoodCraft and bought a couple sacks of Old-Fashioned Milk Paint. It was on sale and I couldn't pass up the price. 


This brand of milk paint leaves a milky, sometimes uneven, finish. 
I think it's perfect because it gives it a more worn look & some depth. 
I need to mention, I do not have my dog pose. He sees the camera, a comfy rug and plops right down. 

 I found these pulls at Target.
I love the hammered finish.

The natural lighting makes this piece look like there is white, or some type of build-up, but it's just the sunlight. 

I have to give my friend Reeves, from The Weathered Door, props for the inspiration to do the paper art wall. You guys should check out her page. She is beyond talented! 
I found an old book at Goodwill, cut out my favorite pictures, and taped them to the wall. 
They are frame worthy!

I adore how this little dresser turned out.

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