October 04, 2012

Custom Dresser ~ Changing Table

Meet my best friend Emily and myself circa 1983 - 1984-ish. I think we were three in this picture but we have known one another since we were infants (5 month old infants).
In 8th grade, Emily moved from Texas to Georgia. We would write each other letters (this was before email), make long distance phone calls with our parents permission (this was before cell phones), and occasionally visit each other.
Through all of these years and the hundreds of miles we still stayed in touch and stayed friends.
Now we are both married and starting our families. I am so honored that we get to experience this next part of our lives together.
Emily is on the left and I am on the right. I would like to add that I am rockin' that homemade haircut!
Emily is having her first baby in December and asked if I would paint a dresser/changing table for the baby. Emily and her husband Brian aren't finding out the sex of the baby so she wanted to keep things neutral.

A few detail shots

I am delivering this piece next weekend so hopefully I can get a few photos of it in it's new home and with baby stuff on it! 
I must say, this post is making me a little emotional but I am so happy for Emily and Brian.
I can't wait to meet their baby!