January 12, 2013

Before & After: Custom Dresser Set in Real Red

My new client contacted me months ago about the coral dresser  I painted. Unfortunately, someone else bought the dresser so we didn't get to work together. Fast forward eight months later and she contacted me again to paint a dresser set she found on Craigslist.



She really liked the color of the coral dresser but she wasn't 100% sure. I sent her few paint samples and she picked a color I had in my paint stash called Real Red and requested a black glaze.
I found the paint at ReStore and it is a Valspar color that someone had matched at Sherwin Williams. 

The picture on the left shows you the color without glaze and the one on the right is glazed.

The black glaze tones it down and adds a little depth. 

Did you notice the decorative pieces on the before pics? I took those off and keep the original hardware which was updated with oil rubbed bronze. 

If you love the color, I am sharing the color match info so you can take it your favorite paint store and have them match it. Even though the name is Real Red I think it is more coral than red. 

I get a lot of questions about glaze and what I use. In the past I used an oil based stain as a glaze but it involves way too much work and patience and it doesn't always go as planned. It's not something I would suggest to someone who hasn't used glaze before. 

I use a clear glaze and add a black paint which is easy to use. I don't have a how-to post yet but Sausha from Sweet Pickens has a great post on how she glazes furniture. It's pretty much the same way I do it. One tip is to keep a damp rag  handy and wash it a lot! It will help to move the glaze around if it isn't cooperating. 

What do you think of bold and bright colors?

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