May 11, 2012

Mini-Makeover with DIY Board & Batten

One of my favorite blogs is Better After. I. LOVE. THAT. BLOG!!! While doing my weekly check-in, I came across a bathroom re-do featured from Alison at Thrifty and Chic. She redid her guest bath for $60 bucks and I wanted to get on that ASAP!

With help from my hubby this is our mini makeover

We used two 1x4's, which made the shelving and under ledge and nine 1x2's which made the vertical parts. They were all 8 feet long but we made the shelves a little over 5 feet. 

Prep work included: cutting, sanding, nailing, screwing, leveling....(okay, my husband did all of this but it looked super easy)! I'm not doing a complete tutorial but if you want a step-by-step click on the link for Thrifty and Chic which will walk you through the whole thing.

After all of the wood is up make sure to caulk all of the gaps, sand and then paint. I painted two coats of Swiss Coffee by Behr (love that paint) and then decorated.

I had everything on hand except for the frames, wood supplies and towels.

Here is a rundown of where everything came from:

Vases are from Hobby Lobby
Dictionary prints are from Etsy (click here for the shop)
Flowers are from my garden
Towels are from Marshall's 
Frames are from Michael's  
Wood and Caulk are from your local hardware store

Here's the best part....the wood only cost $15!!! Moral of this story: if you have most of your supplies on hand you can do this SUPER CHEAP!

We are wanting to paint over the brown (oh, I loathe brown) but I'm putting that off until next weekend. So far, I love the look of the board and batten and I adore my framed prints. They are printed on old dictionary pages and each one is individual.

What do you guys think of the board and batten look?


  1. Looks fabulous! I really like how substantial it looks. We did a very similar thing in our blue bathroom, but it was before I had a blog. It makes such a difference! Great transformation!

  2. I also admired her bathroom...and yours looks fabulous!

  3. looks beautiful...can't wait to see it (as well as the rest of the house). Good team effort.

  4. Helen your bathroom turned out great! Love the look and your wall color :)

  5. Wow. Love it all. Especially love the anchor photograph. It's a nice highlight.

  6. Love, love LOVE the board and batten!


  7. Love! I really want to do this in our hall bath! Love how yours turned out!

  8. Love! I really want to do this in our hall bath! Love how yours turned out!