June 22, 2012

Chifferobe - Before & After

My newest client contacted me and asked if I could paint a dresser for her. You might need your shades for the before...Whoa, that's bright!

 My client chose Homestead Resort Moss by Valspar for the color. 
At first, the color may not look that different but trust me it is....and it's OH-SO much better!
Don't you think??

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby and look great with the green.
Now you can see the pretty silver hinges...which were previously painted over (that's a NO-NO, in my book).

Mary was the best to work for!

Here's a side by side view.

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  1. Looks awesome. Can you give me details please? Did you sand, prime, then paint? Did you use a roller or brush? Flat or satin? Sorry, I am new at all this DIY and just need some tips. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thanks Carol Jane.
      I stripped this piece because sometime I just think it's faster. There were so many straight lines and no nooks and crannies so stripping wouldn't be too bad. I primed with Zissner water based primer (super easy clean up), and then painted. I painted two coats and let them try between coats. I used a satin finish and used a brush and roller. I use the brush for the edges and corners and then a roller (4") for all of the larger areas. I hope this helped. Censtational Girl has a good tutorial on painting for beginners.
      My advice is to jump in head first and figure out what works for you. You will make mistakes but that's how you will learn....practice makes perfect!! Also use a good brush...they cost more but get the job done!
      Good Luck, and I hope this helped!

  2. In the grand scheme of things, the before isn't too terrible. Bright yes, but on my computer it's not too bad a shade. Of course the after looks better!


    1. Is your computer screen working okay??? just kidding! You're right, it wasn't that bad but it needed a little help. Thanks for checking it out Mrs. Bliss : )

  3. Awesome! great work. It feels nice to connect with follow blogger that upcycle/recycle refurbish furniture. Thank you, hope to connect more in the near future. A lot of work, but pays off. -Nicole

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing with us at our Pinteresting Party. Hope you will come back and share again this week.

  5. The difference between the two colors (before & after) are amazing!! With the finished job you did - I feel it in my bones; like when you walk out of the sunshine into a dark shady area of trees!. The new knobs add to that feeling; it's hard to explain it any other way for me. I feel immediately more relaxed and peaceful with the 'after' product.
    You've done a very beautiful, thorough job on this project, and I sincerely LOVE it!!!

    1. Hi Glowydee! This is the sweetest comment I have ever received. You made my day!!!