July 15, 2012

Little Blue Table

I want to share a sweet little table I finished. I painted it about five months ago, started other projects and completely forgot about it.
I used my chalk paint recipe (1 cup latex paint mixed with 1/4 cup baking soda) and I painted it with Colonial Aqua latex paint in Satin. It's such a sweet little table. Don't you think?

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  1. Just found your blog and am loving it. Wondering if you could explain a bit about the use of chalk paint and the steps to distressing your pieces. Do you sand with 220 grit to smooth the finish and distress, or do you use a different grit for distressing? Also, what is dry brushing? Love how you are saving furniture, one piece at a time!

    1. Hi Oma! I'm planning on doing a post that will answer all of these questions so I will give short answers for now: )
      When I use chalk paint I use 220 grit to sand it down and get a smooth finish. When I distress I use anything from 100 to 220 grit paper it just depends on the amount of distressing I want. The lower the number the more rough the paper will be.
      Dry brushing is when you get just a small amount of paint on your brush, wipe most if it off and then brush what is left on your brush onto your furniture.
      Thanks for stopping by and check back for a more detailed response to your questions!