February 10, 2013

The Beginnings of a Big Girl Room & DIY Toy Storage

I don't talk about my family too much on my blog but the time has finally come. This weekend was spent prepping our third bedroom/playroom into a big girl room for our daughter Elise. She is almost four and is currently in a toddler bed. I hate to admit that she is growing up but it's time to face the truth.

What the playroom looked like before....YIKES!
This gives you a 360 view of the room and what I am working with.
Look past the mess. I was actually in the process of getting rid of baby toys and keeping the stuff she likes to play with now. 

When I was a teenager my mom refinished a cast iron bed for my birthday. The bed has stayed with me over the years and I am beyond happy that I kept it. It was painted white, then black and then white again. Elise said she wanted it to be pink so the bed got another coat of paint.

Since the wall is a light blue, I wanted to use soft pink's, green's and yellow's. 

The bedding is picked but there is still more to do. 
I do not sew (as in, I'm not sure I could turn on a sewing machine) but I am planning on making some no-sew curtains with hem tape, adding a rug, some prints on the walls, and painting a dresser nightstand and mirror. 

So where did all of those toys go, you ask? Everything is now in the basement and I have to advert my eyes every time I go down there. 
I need cabinet storage ASAP! 

After searching blog land I came across a lot of DIY storage cabinets for playrooms. Ana White is an amazing site for FREE building plans, cut list's, and overall DIY ideas. She basically does everything for you except built it.
I can use power tools but I purposely limit my skill level because I am horrible with math (instant headache thinking about numbers) and I refuse to follow the "measure twice, cut once" rule. I'm more of a, let's just wing-it and hope it works, kind of gal. Plus, that's what my husband is for : )

We are working on building a storage cabinet like this for all of the toys that have taken over the basement.

Ours will look like this but without the middle section.

Stay tuned for updates on the room and storage cabinet progress.


  1. That bed looks beautiful! Lucky girl :) How special too that it used to be yours!

  2. The bed looks great. It's had a long life hasn't it?

  3. I have that same bed! I bought it in an antique/junk store in Louisville, Ky in 1974 for $10.00. Like yours mine has been painted several different colors but now is a chippy white. I wish I would have bought several of the beds back then as I have seen them in antique stores now for up to $500.00! I hope your little one keeps the bed a very long time. The room is going to be so precious and I can't wait to see it done.

  4. Ohhh it's gonna be goooood. My big girl is working on her big girl room redo too, but she is old enough to do it herself, a VERY welcome thing!


  5. Amazing...as always!! I want to paint my daughters metal bed, I have just been a little scared!

  6. Oh!! I love the bed!!!! love the soft pink you chose :)

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