May 07, 2013

Marble Dresser in Babbling Brook

What do you do when you have a piece of furniture that belonged to your grandma but it's just a little too out dated for your style? You paint it of course! Not everyone is a fan of painted furniture, especially antiques, but that's what this blog is all about. 

Genevieve contacted me about painting a few pieces that have been in her family for decades. She and her husband bought a new house and with a new house comes a new look. 
The dresser was her grandmother's and it had a beautiful marble top and some very interesting pulls. 

 I had to share my succulents. I don't have a green thumb but these are very hard to kill and the best kind of plant for me. 

Not only does Genevieve's dresser look a little more modern but she gets to keep something that is special to her and not spend a fortune on a new piece of furniture. 

The paint color is Babbling Brook by Olympic and the iron pulls are from Hobby Lobby. I very lightly distressed the edges and sealed with wax. 

What are  your thoughts on painting old family furniture?

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  1. I'll paint ANYTHING! That dresser is so much better painted--you did a great job!
    I don't know why people are against it. Some of the pieces I get I saved from the garbage. So what if I paint it? What good will it do being unpainted in a landfill?

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Genevieve is very lucky!!

  3. I think painting a piece of furniture is an individual choice. I have some pieces I won't paint because they are primitives and valuable as they are. I will leave them to my son to do whatever he wants to do with them...keep as they are, paint, or sell. It won't matter to me by that time. I have some pieces I've painted because I got them from Craigslist. They have no sentimental or high value. A person deciding whether to paint or not has to evaluate the piece of furniture. Painting Genevieve's piece enabled her to keep it in the family and enjoy it. I like it painted.

  4. I think everyone in your area should be hiring you to transform their treasures. You do such a professional job and it always shows.

  5. What a beauty, she looks lovely in her new color. Great job.


  6. That is such a beautiful piece and the color is perfect with the marble top. Blessings, Patti

  7. This looks lovely!
    I have no problem painting old furniture, even family heirlooms. I would rather have them fit in my home so I can keep them!

  8. I have norm elmainting some old furniture. If it looks good, I would prefer it be left in its original state and allowed to bless so done who will appreciate it. This piece turned out pretty, but what happened to those wonderful drawer pulls?