November 13, 2011

9 Drawer Dresser

I came across a dresser and instantly fell in love!
I had too many pieces of furniture to work on so I decided not to take this dresser home with me.
My husband tried talking me into getting the dresser but I said no....what was I thinking?

The next day I went back to see if the dresser was there.
Ya know, to see if it was meant to be.


The dresser was still sitting there patiently waiting for me to take her home and make her pretty.

After some sanding, priming, painting, glazing (which was later painted over), a light coat of poly, adding some chocolate brown microfiber fabric to the drawers and painting the hardware she looked like this.

the lighting is a little different on this picture but I love how bright it looks!

Don't you just LOVE her??

I do!!!

I wanted to let you guys know how much I spent on this dresser and supplies.

Dresser $30
Primer $9
Oops paint $2.50
Fabric $18 ( I had enough left over for other projects/furniture)
Fabric glue $8
Poly $10 (which was used for many other projects)

TOTAL for this dresser was $77.50


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  1. I love them all, Helen! Great job.

  2. Oh it's so pretty! Love the color, all your hard work paid off!
    Thanks for linking!
    Happy New year :)

  3. Thank you, Kristin! I'll be linking furture projects to your blog.

  4. I love it and I love painting furniture, too. That is really gorgeous.

  5. I would love a tutorial on this...I have two dressers that need a makeover!

  6. Wow this turned out really pretty! I love the color you chose.

  7. Such a pretty piece and a wonderful colour. I have been searching kijiji and Craigslist several times a day to try and find one similar but they are $400 plus so far. I'm stopping by from WOW us Wednesday and I'm going to check out more of your blog. Happy New Year!

  8. LOVE IT! If that dresser was big enough I would just live in it! Yumm! Good job - now go kiss your hubby!

  9. I love it. The color is stunning and I really like the handles and how you lined the drawers. So pretty!

  10. Beautiful makeover! You found a great piece and picked a lovely color! Thank you for sharing!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  11. I love it and am sharing it at tonights Feathered Nest Friday party! Thanks for linking up! :)

  12. I absolutely love the color!!! I might just have to paint the dresser in my garage like yours - can I ask what color you used?? What a steal for $30!!

    visiting from French Country Cottage.

  13. Thank you Kathryn! I don't know the color of the paint. They don't always put the name of the paint color on the little stickers. I think they should change that personally!! I did use a similar color recently and it was called Sea Seeker by Valspar.
    I would love to see what you do with your dresser!

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