November 28, 2011

Old Ugly Chair

I found this chair sitting on the side of the road.
First of all, I NEVER find cool things that people throw out. Second, I was super excited because it was sturdy, didn't need much work and was FREE!

I can't wait to start working on this chair!

I am thinking of doing something like this
(Note: I know I have seen this in blog land...somewhere, but I can't recall exactly what blog. Therefore, I cannot give credit to where credit is due.
I found this on Pinterest so I can only give credit to Pinterest).
If you know where this chair is from please let me know!

I love the pop of color and how the two different patterns somehow make it less busy.

I'm hoping to start working on the chair before Christmas so check back for after pictures!


  1. Score!! Can't wait to see how this chair turns out!

  2. Hello there! Found you via Honey Sweet Home and saw this chair and was wondering how it went or was going! I have a chair (in a much further state of disrepair) in my basement I had picked in hopes of fixing someday but upholstry has just absolutely stumped me, an this chair you have here is the first I've come across on a blog that a very similar style/shape to it. Long story short, I was wondering if you'd be willing to share how to reupholster a chair of this sytle so I might finally figure out how to start. ^_^

    1. Hi Joanna! I am ready to start working on this chair but I haven't decided on a fabric yet. When I do get to this chair I will try to do a tutorial though so stay tuned!