November 20, 2011

Changing Table

I feel so lucky to have met Elizabeth. I mean seriously, this lady is keeping me busy with work!

Now that her nightstands are finished I was able to work on the changing table for her sweet baby boy.

I had this dresser that I was wanting to eventually turn into a vanity/dry sink.
But when Elizabeth said she was looking for a changing table I had to let her have it.

Look at how pretty it is.


I loved the legs and the shape of this piece.
Oh, and the drawers were so deep they could hold a lot of diapers and baby clothes!

Now the dirty work....

I had to strip this piece since I wanted to distress it.

I used  CitriStrip and the original paint and glaze literally came off in strips.
This was the easiest piece of furniture I have stripped.

I used two coats of primer and then I painted.

It's too cold to paint in my garage so I have to bring my work inside.
I really don't like working inside....

Notice that the legs are on my rug so this has to be an after paint picture....
there is NO way I paint on my floor. I really shouldn't be painting in my house.
I'm too messy and I always seem to step in paint.

Anyway, back to what I was saying....two coats of paint

If you look really hard you can see 49 stamped into the wood.
 There were numerous 49 stamps on this piece
so I am thinking it was made in 1949.

I think it makes this dresser even cooler!

After two coats of paint (Lynchburg Estate Cream by Valspar)
I started distressing.

After distressing I sealed the changing table with two coats of poly
and I added some pretty green drawer pulls.

Once again, I had a huge brain fart and didn't take pictures
before I delivered it to Elizabeth...but you get the idea!


I think it turned out amazing and I hope Baby W has it for years to come!
What do you think?


The Shabby Nest


  1. Very nice! Where did the knobs come from?

    I'm new to your blog, and I'm very impressed.

  2. Thank you Beth! I am new to blogging but all the questions and nice comments make it worth it.

    I got the knobs at Hobby Lobby. They were 50% off which equals $1.50 a piece!!

    Thank you for your sweet words.

  3. I can't believe those finishes came off so easily!!! I have a dresser I've been meaning to do but am not looking forward to stripping it.

    The dresser turned out lovely. :)

  4. Thanks Sarah! This is going to sound crazy but I kinda enjoy stripping furniture. I don't like to do it at first but once I slap my first little bit of stripper on there I am in heaven. Maybe it's just the fumes but I really enjoy it! It calms me.

  5. The dresser looks really nice. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to paint inside where it's bright and warm!