December 02, 2012

Milk Paint and a Little Gossip

Sorry to disappoint but I don't have any gossip for you but I do have a gossip bench painted with Old Fashioned Milk Paint.


The before really isn't that bad but I wanted to try milk paint out on something and this was it.
I used Sea Green by the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. I did not use the bonding agent because I wanted a naturally worn look.  I chose OFMP over MMS milk paint because of price and color choices.


This picture is the truest as far as color and clarity.
I'm hoping Santa gets my letter about the new camera I asked for....
I applied two coats of the milk paint and lightly sanded between coats to loosen any flakes that occurred. This is what it looked like after I sanded and before I waxed.
 You can see the color is a little dull and flat before I waxed.
After I sanded I think the paint really started to chip. Also the longer it sat the more it chipped.
If you don't want the natural chipping and peeling of milk paint add the bonding agent and you can control the amount of peeling.
I think it came out great.
I want to give credit to other furniture bloggers, pinterest, and crafty people all around for the garland idea. I have seen different homemade garlands and I wanted to make one. There is a garland with dyed doilies that I might try next.  
I used a circle punch and picked out scrapbook paper that I had and then taped them to fishing line.
Have more questions about milk paint?
Here some great links to check out:
What do you think? Are you wanting to try milk paint?
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  1. I love the color of the bench. Good job! I have not tried milk paint yet but I really want to. I just tried doing homemade chaulk paint yesterday and I had a disaster. I am not sure if I worked fast enough or to much baking soda but I ended up sanding down then just spray painting, I will try it again tho! I am buying a new wood screen door tomorrow and I am going to try milk paint to give it an "old door" look. I love your blog and the inspiration to try DIY projects.

  2. You did an awesome job! This is beautiful! I love the color and rustic finish! I would love for you to share this over at my blog hop Also, I just started following you via GFC

  3. Oh wow, I love, love, love how it turned out. You got just the right amount of chipping. And it's so true about how dull milk paint is before the wax. Thanks so much for mention!

  4. Super cute, I love the finish. Big improvement over the "before" picture! Love the wall treatment too

  5. Ah I love this! The distressing that you did on it looks fantastic.

  6. Really cute! I could see it in someone's mudroom.

  7. Looks great Helen. Very natural look, I like it.

  8. Thanks for linking up! Really appreciate it!

  9. I love the color you chose, this is beautiful. Great job!!


  10. I used to have that EXACT bench! So much better with color. Patti :)

    1. Me, too, but I HATED it, and made it into a table instead. I hope Grandma *God Rest Her Soul* forgives me?

  11. Helen,

    I just love milk paint. I am a basketweaver and like to use it on my baskets. I have used both the OFMP and MMS milk paint and both are great, I think I like MMS a little better, it seems to have better coverage on the surfaces I use it on (baskets). I had this bench too many moons ago :) I wish I had it now; you made it look awesome.


  12. I spent many MANY an hour sitting at a bench just like that yakking on the phone to my friends. Talked so long I remember my butt going numb! When I come to sit on yours I will bring my own cushion.


  13. LOVE it!!! and those garlands are gorgeous, too! adorable all over!

  14. love your little bench, my niece so wants me to find one of these for her. i would love to feature it, if thats ok please let me know.

  15. Ooohhh...this is wonderful! Love the color you chose too.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment as well. Thanks for following along {I'm your newest follower too} I'm really enjoying your blog. I love painting furniture! It's amazing what a little paint can do to a treasure you have found isn't it?

    Have a great day!


  16. charmed! and feeling very confetti lovely.

    hope you'll have a moment to stop by where i have a giveaway today

    peace to you.


  17. I love the color of milk paint you used! It's gorgeous! Love the staging as well - the circle punch garland is adorable and adds so much personality to the photo!

  18. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog tonight! Come stop by and grab a featured button:

  19. I just purchased this same bench and am planning on a very similar look, thanks for posting!