December 07, 2012

White Dove Dresser & Buffet Color

 I have had a lot of clients wanting to use old furniture in their nurseries. I'm a little jealous of these babies and the one of a kind furniture they have in their rooms. Each piece is so unique and vintage and timeless. Lucky little babies. My poor daughter has store bought furniture that is dark and has no personality....maybe I will change that soon.

My newest client contacted me about updating an old worn dresser she had found for her baby that is on the way.

 The top had seen better days. There were dings and water rings...oh, and lots of dust.
I stripped the top to remove the layers of top coat and varnish and filled in a few holes with wood filler.

My client isn't finding out the sex of the baby so she wanted to go neutral with the color of the dresser. She chose White Dove by Benjamin Moore and opted for a clean classic look with no distressing. We kept the original hardware and dressed it up with a little Oil Rubbed Bronze.

I sealed it with Johnson's Paste Wax to protect it from normal wear and tear.  It is going to its new home tomorrow morning.

I am itching for some color. I used milk paint last week and I really liked it. To be honest, I didn't want to like it, I didn't want to do what everyone else is doing. But I have been bitten by the milk paint bug. I painted this bench in Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

I bought this buffet last week and I want to paint it with milk paint. I haven't picked a color but I'm leaning towards Federal Blue....or maybe a yellow. I had a dream last night I was painting it mustard yellow.

What color would you paint it?
Do you think something like this would look good with a naturally chippy distressed finish?
I think I will be doing a poll on my Facebook page next week to get input.  


  1. Gorgeous! Simple, yet beautiful! Love it! :)


  2. I love that you dream about paint colours :) Federal blue sounds gorgeous but it would look amazing in either! And I totally know what you mean about getting jealous over all these gorgeous nurseries! Your white piece looks so beautiful and classic!

    1. When I first started painting furniture that was ALL I dreamed about. It was an obsession. Their nursery was soooo cute too, I should have taken a picture. Very classic!

  3. Love the dresser! Looks awesome! I love either of those colors but I have been itching to paint something green. Not forest green or really light green but an in between! It will probably look good any color you paint it!

  4. Wooo! Nice job on the dresser. I'm still a fan of the telephone chair and hmmm.... I think mustard yellow would be fabulous!!

  5. the dresser looks amazing..what a beautiful job!
    as for the buffet..not sure about mustard yellow...but a soft buttercup yellow would be stunning with a touch of distressing!
    good luck and can't wait to see what you do with this one!
    Bec x

  6. I think OFMP in Light Cream would be gorgeous for the buffet, with maybe some dark wax to highlight all the great detail.


  7. Another winner. I'm gonna have to find a new line to tell you so you don't get tired of the same old same old.


  8. This is just beautiful. I love the piece and the color.


    1. Thank you Cynthia and thanks for stopping by!

  9. Really cute. I have a soft spot for White Dove. I have quite a few pieces painted that colour - and my kitchen cabinets. I wish I had thought of the idea of using antique furniture for the nursery!

  10. I would love if you shared this at my blog hop! Loving all of your work!

  11. What a lucky baby! You've done a beautiful job. Megan

  12. I hate to see wood furniture painted, but you did an amazing job on the dresser. The white is so clean and brings out the details so well. With a piece as battered as that was, the result was almost miraculous.
    As for the other piece, I'd paint it red.

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  14. what a transformation! i love it.

  15. white dove is favorite at our house!

    mmmmmmm, i'm sleepy just seeing the lovely photos!

    if you have a moment, we'd love you to drop by and enter the giveaway. hope you win!

    smiles to you.