November 03, 2013

Accidental Tourist

If you follow my furniture projects, you know I'm a fan of using "oops" paint. Not only is it cheap but this time it gave me a chance to get help from all of you!

"Oops" paint rarely has a name printed on the label.
This time I asked the followers on my facebook page to help me name this color. 

The paint was a Valspar paint. I painted the dresser and added black glaze to bring out all of the imperfections in the wood.
It looked a different shade to different people. 

I thought it was a bluish-gray color. 
Friends thought it was sage. 
Other people saw it as plain blue.  

I needed help!

The names that were suggested on my facebook page were great. 
A few of my favorites were: Algonquin Moon (it's an inside joke between myself and my brother-in-law), stormy seas, luvy duvy grey, gone gray.....I could go on! There were so many great name suggestions. 

The name I liked the best was accidental tourist by Amy Kitchen. 
Her meaning behind the name is creative. Since the paint was an "oops" color it was an accident and I may not be able to get this exact color again, therefore, it's visiting. 

It makes me want to be a tourist in a far away country. Shoot, I'll take being a tourist in another state!

Thank you Amy for such a unique and dreamy name. 

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  1. Great choice of name for the paint....very clever! I love this piece of furniture....beautiful color!!Linda

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and I love the name!

  3. I remember saying it looked sage, but I agree with you now that it looks more blue/gray! Love the name and more than that... I really love this dresser! Can you just stop being such an empire hog! I mean GEEZ! ;) haha don't worry I'm just jealous. Those large knobs are pretty fantastic too and really make this piece stand out more. Also, can we just talk for a minute on how awesome the grain of the wood looks on the top with the paint! That glaze really brought it out! Love it!